• No high pressured sales
  • Recommending care that is necessary
  • Getting you out of pain quickly
  • Holistic approach focusing on all body systems


Utilizing Graston and Active Release Techniques, our tissue therapy aims to enhance the functionality of scarred or injured tissues, facilitating optimal recovery and improved performance.



Our approach incorporates both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and modern dry needling techniques.



Our objective is to unearth the primary cause of pain, moving past conventional symptom management approaches.



Our Health Services

S. Thompson

Dr. Devon is an incredible chiropractor. He works wonders at relieving my pain in a fashion that is relaxing and comfortable. His use of the Graston blade was very effective for some of my nagging injuries. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for treatment!

Kathy M.

I would highly recommend Devon. He is patient and understanding with my chiropractic needs. There is never pressure to book multiple appointments. His philosophy after treatment is see how that feels and come back in if you need another adjustment.

Tonia L.

Dr. Penner is the best chiropractor I have ever had. His adjustments are focused, effective, and his method is proactive. I recently suffered sciatica that affected my mobility, and after the first adjustment, I felt improvement. After three adjustments the pain is gone and my mobility has returned. He reduced my recovery time by weeks!!!

M. Green

Dr. Penner has been treating me for the last 7 years. What started with an interest in Graston technique turned into him being the only chiropractor I trust to take care of my body. He has helped me through competitive powerlifting, two pregnancies, and general life after all of that. His professionalism, holistic approach, and connection to his patients are the reasons I have encouraged all of my own clients (as a fitness professional) to see him regularly.

Thank You!